Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee works closely with FAMB’s contracted lobbyist to develop legislative priorities, position papers and talking points for the passage, sponsorship and defeat of proposed state legislation initiatives that may potentially impact the wetland and species banking industry in Florida.  The Legislative Committee additionally provides technical assessment and policy advice to the Board.

Committee Members:

Lobbyist: Lori Killinger, Lewis Longman & Walker

Joe Sicbaldi, FPL Everglades Mitigation Bank, Joseph.Sicbaldi@fpl.com

Don Ross, EarthBalance, dross@earthbalance.com

Kelly Sands, Westervelt Ecological Services, ksands@westervelt.com

Regulatory Committee

The Regulatory Committee identifies key issues which prevent the practical and consistent application of the USACE and state compensatory mitigation guidelines and examines widely accepted methods and resources that promote sustainable mitigation.  Additionally, The Regulatory Committee provides suggestions for viable clarifications or alternatives, where applicable, and collaborates with state and federal regulatory agencies and the regulated community to identify opportunities for efficiencies and agreements on policy, definitions, and procedures for the development and implementation of mitigation banks.

Committee Members:

Chair:Carl Salafrio, EC&D, csalafrio@ecdflorida.com

Jennifer Thomson, Mitigation Marketing, jennifer@mitigationmarketing.com

Bryan Corrigan, Basin 22 Mitigation Bank  bc@hciiiflp.com

Alex Pressier, Mitigation Marketing, alex@mitigationmarketing.com

Kelly Sands, Westervelt Ecological Services, ksands@westervelt.com

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee strives to implement new and effective recruitment strategies and outreach initiatives to build a member base that is reflective of the conservation and mitigation banking industry.   The Membership Committee is responsible for identifying needs of the members, developing membership incentives, and creating new benefits that help retain members and add value to their professional careers.

Committee Members:

Chair:Kae Hovater, Environmental Resource Marketing, kae@erm-consultingservices.com

Desmond Duke, EcoResolve, dduke@ecoresolve.com

Beverly Birkitt, Birkitt Environmental Services,  bbirkitt@birkitt.com

Ryan Deibler, GreenSource, rdeibler@greensourceep.com