Who Should Join

FAMB is comprised of owners and operators of mitigation and conservation banks, environmental consultants, engineers, restoration contractors, attorneys and other industry-related professionals.

Membership Benefits

  • Lobbying representation at the state level which allows an exclusive industry voice among policymakers and key agencies involved in legislation and regulatory policies
  • Committed unified industry voice to leverage positive relationships among key personnel within the local and state regulatory agencies.
  • Provide direction and insight on policies and processes to preserve the value of the mitigation banking industry
  • Provide direct support to existing members and their interests on local and state regulatory issues
  • Exclusive access to members of the regulatory agencies as well as networking opportunities for bankers, investors & regulators through annual workshops and trainings
  • Attain current breaking industry news, regulatory updates and additional pertinent information.
  • Benefit from the collaborative efforts of the largest group of Mitigation and Conservation Bankers, bank consultants, and credit sales professionals within the State (success stories, challenges, etc.)

Mitigation Bank ($3,500.00): Formally approved and certified (Federal or State approved) to transfer mitigation credits, or are in the process or intend to initiate the process of becoming approved.

Corporate Associate ($1,000.00): Corporations or businesses supporting the mitigation banking industry, such as environmental consulting firms, engineering firms, law firms, business consultants, native plant nurseries and associated vendors.

Optional Contributions for Political Action Committee (PAC) or Lobbying Efforts

Mitigation Bank Owner – $1,500
Corporate Associate – $500

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